Bathroom renovations don't need to cost an arm and a leg, We are here to provide you honest quotes and expert workmanship to take all the stress away from your new amazing bathroom.

A beautiful bathroom utilising high quality products along with expert workmanship will create a stunning room that will be the envy of all your visitors. Practical storage solutions finished to the highest quality is what we pride ourselves on.

Some simple bathroom renovation ideas

  • Update the fixtures, fittings, knobs and tap ware with modern replacements that match for a luxe and cohesive finish.
  • Add some storage such as floating shelves, extra towel racks or hooks.
  • Updating your vanity can change the whole bathroom and be done in a weekend.
  • Replace the shower frame, shower screen or curtains.
  • Lighting can really affect the feel of a bathroom, update yours with something modern, eye-catching or a little luxe for a focal point, like a pendant.
  • Install a new mirror that will compliment your tap ware and fixtures.
  • Replace your tiles or re-grout your old ones. Choose colors that are neutral and modern (such as white and grey), smaller spaces feel more open when you use large tiles, and you can use small tiles to make the bathroom feel cosy, or draw attention to a particular feature.
  • Paint your bathroom for a quick and affordable way to update the whole space. Even an old bathroom can be dressed up if it’s been white-washed first.
  • To add personality and class to an already character-filled bathroom, consider using a refurbished vintage dresser as a sink pedestal.
  • Replacing an old bath or shower can be expensive, try having your current one professionally refinished if it’s stylish but a little worse for wear.
  • Upgrade shower heads and taps with water-saving models to save yourself some money in the long run.
  • For a bathroom with wow-factor, try covering one or all of the walls with wallpaper. Combined with a coat of paint, this can really make the bathroom pop.
  • If the layout of your bathroom is fine, and the basics such as the toilet and vanity are attractive, just retile the space with tiles that are fresh, modern and timeless to elevate the whole room.
  • Should you have floorboards hiding under dated vinyl or laminate, now is the time to reveal them and add a warm, natural finish to your space. It’ll save money on tiling the floor. Try painting the space with white, charcoal grey or navy for a modern bathroom.

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